by Oshinlolu kofoworola.

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This is a work of fiction. All incidents and people in this book are fictional. Any resemblance to any persons or situation is simply coincidental.


Flash Fiction


I knelt down on the rug beside my king size bed to say my night prayers.

I prayed to dream about him tonight.


It is now a normal routine for me to stare at his picture before I sleep every night. 

Maybe I could dream about him and ask him if he still feel the same way as I do, but any night I dreamt of  him I didn’t have the nerve to speak to him.

He possess my mentality in reality even in my dreams. 

I have to stop this foolish mentality of mine. Four years since I saw him last. Yet I can’t stop loving him. 

He was the reason why I broke up with my ex because I can’t stop loving him and love someone else.

First love never dies but true love always buries it. 

Why am I still stuck with the mentality that he is my true love?

Your First love is not always your truest love, but why can’t I admit that and move on.

I heaved a sign as I thought.

I made a decision I’m sure I’m gonna regret as I deleted all his pictures. I dropped my phone beside the novel I read earlier on the reading table.

This is the first night am gonna sleep without his picture displayed on my phone placed at my heart region. 






“Why Can’t you look at me” he asked as I felt his eyes on me.

“I… I..I” I was short of words that I stuttered. 

I looked down at my fingers that were fidgeting.  

“This is my only chance to ask him if he loves me.” I thought.


He brought his face close to mine; our noses collided together as he gave me a quick peck on my lips.

My heart was beating so fast that you could mistake it for a drum sound.

“I have been waiting for this moment” he said softly licking my ear lobes.

“Stop” I couldn’t believe I said that. I knew my voice shook. My body betrayed me, my body

 was saying something else.

I couldn’t explain what I felt but I knew I loved it.

“What?” he tilted my chin and made me face him.

I avoided his eyes ashamed of my tight nipples showing through my silky lingerie.


“What are you doing to me? Why am I feeling this way?” I asked still avoiding his gaze.

“I have waited for this day”. He answered.

He brought his lips and licked at my lower lips. I felt his cologne sweet and sensual. 

This time, I kissed him back, I opened up for him, he was swift and in control, his masculine hands roaming all over my body, enthusing me, leaving me breathless. 

I felt his hands roaming under my lingerie, giving me this tickling sensational feeling.

In a twinkle of an eye, my lingerie was gone, and I was unclad on my bed, I felt conscious of my body. I tried to use my duvet to cover my unclad body when I felt his kisses trailing from my neck down to my stomach.

I moaned in ecstasy.

I moved my hands to unbutton his shirt that was stopping me to explore his body. I wanted to feel his masculine body against mine.

I moved my hands to his bare chest rubbing it up and down. I encircled my legs around his waist making our body linger to the rhythm.

He cupped my tits with both hands, sucking, teasing and licking.

This feeling was bringing out the beast that I never knew existed in me.

I brought my lips closer to his. I could feel his breathe, his lips captured mine, it was a gentle and passionate kiss.

“I don’t want this dream to end” I whispered in between the kiss.

“This is reality and I’m not letting you go. I Love you and I always do.” He whispered.


No words needed because TONIGHT I was letting go.


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