Eazy9ja is a promising upcoming singer … Most of you that do not know Eazy9ja are missing & sleeping on good music.. I want to bring you closer to Eazy9ja… Here is a special interview with Eazy9ja… Get to know Eazy9ja don’t sleep on good music.


ZagaEmpire –  Real name/ family background/ growing up/ School?

Eazy9ja  – My name is “LAWAL OYINDAMOLA” Am from the family of 3, 2 Male & 1 Female and i am the first born. My growing up was fun, I grew up in “MUSHIN” And then I moved down to “IKORODU” later on. My school, well I attended “ST PATRICK NUR & PRY SCHOOL” And I attended “Lagos State Civil Service Model College” for my secondary school, and I studied Elect Elect at “Abraham Adesanya Polytechnic, Ogun State”.

ZagaEmpire – Why do you make music?

Eazy9ja  – Let me just say I inherit music from my grand dad, So music is what i grew up into & it’s part of me.

ZagaEmpire – The inspiration behind Your last single “GELE IZA GELE”

Eazy9ja  – I was in badagry to have fun with my friends and it just came into my head, let me say It came through highness *laugh* 😂

ZagaEmpire – Do You Have Plans Of Doing Music Later On?

Eazy9ja – Yes, i would definitely continue doing music.

ZagaEmpire – Hobbies / Likes and dislikes?

Eazy9ja  – I play football alot and of course Music.. I don’t like when people look down on someone and i like making new friends, I dislike when someone feels Proud & pompous.

ZagaEmpire – Who Are The Artiste You Look Up To In The Industry?

Eazy9ja – My no1 artiste I look up to in the industry is “ORITSE FEMI” also “D’BANJ” and also a fuji musician “PASUMA”

ZagaEmpire – Are you dropping any new Jam soon?

Eazy9ja – Yea, It’s dropping soon and it gonna be fire.

ZagaEmpire – How Long have You been doing Music?

Eazy9ja – Well, it has been a while now, It’s close to 10 years that I have been doing music now.

ZagaEmpire – Where do you see yourself in the next 5 years?

Eazy9ja – God knows better, like seriously. But i believe everything is gonna be alright.

ZagaEmpire – What inspires your lyrics?

Eazy9ja – My lyrics comes from things that happens around me, and also whenever i am lonley.

ZagaEmpire – How Do You Feel Getting An Award From ZagaEmpire?

Eazy9ja – As for now ZagaEmpire is still the best blog i have ever come across, I really appriciate ZagaEmpire for recognizing me and my music, And i would do something in return for ZagaEmpire soon, like dedicating a track for ZagaEmpire.

ZagaEmpire – Give A S/O To Your Fans.

Eazy9ja – S/O to all my fans for supporting me, because they are my backbone. And i promise never to let them down. And i wanna let them know i would be Dropping a new single soon titled “BEAT YEN NKAN NI” God bless you all.

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