One of the upcoming DJ around, Ajiroba Quadri Abiodun aka WF DJ HARJI is gradually rising in the Nigeria entertainment industry. In his interview with ZagaEmpire Ent he discussed the challanges he had overcome in his career and what fans should expect from him in the future.


ZagaEmpire – DJ Harji congrats on the recent award you won from ZagaEmpire as the DJ of the year.

Dj Harji – Thank you.

ZagaEmpire –  What’s your full name & your stage name?

Dj Harji – Ajiroba Quadri abiodun aka
World famous dj harji

ZagaEmpire – Tell us about your family & educational background.

Dj Harji  – Am the first born of my parents. I attended haleem nursery and primary school in my primary level I attended immaculate heart comprehensive junior and secondary school. And now am in my final year in the university, fountain university osogbo.

ZagaEmpire – What are some of the challenges you’ve faced along the way to be where you are today?

Dj Harji – The major challenge is how to get my own personal instrument.nd to get it I need money.

ZagaEmpire – Which DJ would you say inspired you in Nigeria?

Dj Harji – Dj shegzy d , dj Jimmy jatt dj xclusive dj spinal dj lambo dj instinct e.t.c



ZagaEmpire – What is your favourite piece of equipment to work with?

Dj Harji – My favourite equipment to use is nothing but the latest equipment.

ZagaEmpire – What piece of advice would you give anyone that wants to be a DJ?

Dj Harji – Any one that want to become a talented and professional dj should stay focus nd loyal.

ZagaEmpire – How do you judge the kind of music you play for any audience?

Dj Harji – I play music base on the occasion or event they call me to play. And also I look how people feel if I play a particular song for example I played ma lo be by Damba in a street party or I play penalty by small dr in a street party. So far people follow up with me that means the street has take over

ZagaEmpire – How do you fell getting an Award from ZagaEmpire?

Dj Harji – Actually I wasn’t not informed that I we be part of the nominee because I was Not aware but all thank to God and my fan’s that voted for me. I feel happy.

ZagaEmpire – Being a DJ is a fairly expensive occupation, how did you fund yourself at the beginning, securing decks and all?

Dj Harji – By contribute Money together nd go out der to buy any instrument the money worth.


ZagaEmpire – Thank you for spending some of your time chatting with us.

Follow him on I.G via @dj_harji, SNAPCHAT via wfdjharji …. For booking contact Dj Harji on 08112588418

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