Xenophobia in South Africa has led to the killing and persecution of other nationalities including Nigerians.

The constant attacks and the underlying hatred have been a source of concern to Nigeria and Africa at large.

About 13 hours ago, on Tuesday, March 21, the Nigeria Union in South Africa said five Nigerians had been attacked in Polokwane, Limpopo Province of that country in renewed xenophobic attacks.

In view of the 2017 Day commemoration, NOIPolls presented a poll, which gauged the perceptions of Nigerians on migration and vital socio-economic attributes relating to migration, as well as the perceptions of Nigerians on the xenophobic attacks in South Africa.

The first part of the poll was aimed at finding out the percentage of Nigerians leaving in foreign countries and the poll result showed that about 61% of Nigerians have relatives living and abroad, and though the highest is the United States of America with 67%, the third is South Africa with 31%.

The reason for this migration are the normal ones we all know, ranging from better living conditions, better job opportunities, better opportunities for educational advancement, social interaction and financial stability.

However with the increasing unsafe nature of South Africa, what are some steps the Nigerian government can take? The NOIPolls asked the question and got this result:

Below is a quick analysis of the steps the Nigerian government can take:

1. Advise citizens to come back home

If the poll was to be followed, then the Nigerian government should encourage Nigerians to return. However, as earlier pointed out, many migrated for reasons that cannot be easily overlooked.

2. Diplomatic dialogue

8 days ago on, Monday, March 13, Nigeria’s minister of foreign affairs, Geoffrey Onyeama and his South African counterpart, Maite Nkoana-Mashabane held a meeting.

The meeting was to diffuse soaring tensions over a recent string of attacks on migrants living in South Africa which has elicited reactions in Nigeria. This is the route 25% of Nigerians are advising.

3. Employment creation

17% of the respondents believe that ‘employment creation’ in Nigeria would reduce the migration of Nigerians to South Africa.

4. Cut off ties with South Africa

Other Nigerians proposed a total cutting off of ties with South Africa as the appropriate response to the Xenophobic attacks.

5. Provide security

5% of the respondents believed that providing security for Nigerians in South Africa will help.

6. Investigate the actual problem

7. Encourage investment

8. Provide social amenities