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“Hi” Madison greeted with a gentle peck on his cheek.
“how is my queen today? Hassan forced himself to speak, evading the dampness of his heart.
From his countenance, Madison knew something was wrong somewhere. Oh, how she wish it wasn’t what she was thinking.

“you don’t look happy, everything okay? She asked in her American accent, she’s spent years in Nigeria, some of the things they’ve not lost to the Nigerian nation are her accent and skin color.
Hassan couldn’t hold it any longer, he just have to tell her whole nine yards.

“my dad! He had a heart attack today, it was so worst that he’d have to be flown out of the country for further treatments”
Madison was gobsmacked, this wasn’t what she bargained for, now she knows her mom was right when she said she, Madison and Hassan weren’t meant to be.

“you know, I can’t help but blame myself, its all my fault….i…..”
Madison cut him in.
“no Hassan, it’s not your fault, if there is anyone to blame, that should be me.
I’m just like a pest in your life, ever since we met, I’ve caused you nothing but trouble….I’m sorry Hassan” she summoned the whole energy in her to stop herself from crying. The more she tried, the more rains of tears flood her eyes.

She couldn’t break herself to believe she was leaving Hassan. Fate can be so cruel sometimes! He was the only one who could draw out a genuine smile from the darkest part of her heart, he was the only first and true love she ever experienced.

Hassan was confused. “w….wh….what do you mean? He asked in utter frustration.

“Hassan we live in two separate worlds, separated by religion, royalty, and race. Our destinies are separated like heaven and earth, we were never meant to take a step from platonic friendship….i love you Hassan I’m sorry we have to end it this way”

Hassan rubbed his eyes fiercely no! This can’t be happening, it must be some sort of dream.

” no Madison, I can’t last a day without you and you know it, please don’t leave me.

If you want, we can elope, yes! To a far away country where no one would know us, let alone disturb.”

Madison shook her head in the negative. “I’m doing this for you Hassan, all for you. Your sick father needs you, the palace needs you and your people. They all need you more than I do. You are a prince I am nothing but a foreigner who’d ruin your life and ambition…..farewell Hassan.

Hassan held her cheeks with both hands, tears streamed his dark face. The last time he cried like this was when he lost his twin, Hassana. That was eight years ago.

He had learned to move on, Madison coming into his life was a great help with that.

He’d think Madison was incarnate of Hassana. They both had one thing in common- brightening up his mood.
He can’t lose Madison! What would his life be like? Trash, hopeless, frustrated, miserable?

“Goodbye Hassan, please don’t bother looking for me ’cause we’d be moving out of the country sooner or later. Please remember this, I love you and I’ll always do” she pecked him on the forehead.

“take this necklace, it’ll remind you of me….bye”

she gave him a silver necklace with a pendant made of glass. Inside the glass was a capture of her beautiful self.

Hassan went to stupor he didn’t mind the embarrassing fact that he was standing on the round. He wished the earth around him would just quake and swallow him up.

What the reason there to leave when two most important people in his life are gone?

He wiped away his tears with a small oxblood hankie.

Every cloud has a silver lining, it’s high time he concentrates more on the family he has left; his sick father, aging mother and kid sister.

His father wasn’t polygamous as against most rich men from the north. Hassan admired that and promised himself to stick only to one woman. Woman? He just realized he’s lost the very woman he loved, no other woman can occupy his now shattered heart.

He picked his broken self together and drove back to the palace, what a day! First, he gave his dad a heart attack and now his lover have left him, the joyous Hassan in him flew away, he was left with a shattered body and soul to deal with.

Madison and her family left the country a week later. There in the united states, she realized she was pregnant. She already calls it quits with Hassan, more so the pregnancy wouldn’t change anything. Her belly grew bigger as the days passed by, nine months later; the glorious period!

She gave birth to a set of identical twins; Michaeland Gabriel.

She nurtured and showered them with all the love a mother could breed. But something was missing- a father!
Five years afterward, she fell in love withSpencer Sherwood; an afro-American. Their beautiful union brought forth a child- Nathan. Sherwood died a couple of years later. Leaving Madison to think she wasn’t destined to be married.
Years later………..
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