It was a stormy and thunderous afternoon in the city of Kano. The cloud was pitch black, threatening to cry. The sun found canopy under the thick cloud, warm but heavy wind blew from the south, tossing away any material that dare stand in its way.

Randy sounds of thunder permeated the magnificently designed room, Hassan’s heart beats weren’t helping matters, they seem to be in rhythm with the thunder.

Each pump of blood pervaded fear within his being. He swallowed hard for the umpteenth time, boils of sweat trickled down his skin, defying the cold atmosphere.

Hassan paced around like someone whose wife is experiencing her maiden labor. It’s high time he let his father know about his decision to renounce Islam, a religion his ancestors had practiced so faithfully.

Yes, he knew it won’t be easy but the squeaky wheel gets the grease. He stuck his legs into his slipper, took in a big gulp of air and reached for the door knob. He turned it slowly and walked out to the hallway, heading to his father, to meet his fate.

Hassan Abdul-Azeez was first born son of the prominent Abdul-Azeez Usaini xvi the 21st-century emir of kano.
The emir so much loved his son that he didn’t want anything to separate them, he had Hassan pass through western education here in Nigeria so he could teach him all there is to know about royalty, his plans were for Hassan to succeed him!
He didn’t want royalty transferred to another family.

Hassan opened the palace door with shaky hands and trembling feet. He had never felt like this before! He spent all his life in the modern palace, why was he having this strange feeling now?
His facial expression script it all, he was greatly worried. His dad sat on the high and mighty throne with two bodyguards standing by his right and left respectively. Four chiefs occupied the chairs below the throne. The palace was well furnished, it looked nothing less of a modern palace, most of its deco were imported.

“sannun ku” he greeted breathlessly, with his head slightly bowed in respect. “salama alaikum” the chiefs chorused, meaning “peace be unto you”

Hassan sat on one of the chairs by his right. The Emir knew the kind of son he had in Hassan, hassan was a core introvert, he wouldn’t show in the palace by this time of the day if he had nothing important to discuss.

“is anything troubling the prince? The emir asked on noticing Hassan’s countenance.

“i request to speak with my dad….alone” came the reply from hassan.

The Emir motioned the brown horse tail he was holding.
Action speaks louder than voice, the guards and chiefs deserted the palace as commanded.
Hassan stared blankly at his dad, he was battling how best to present this to his father.

He sighed. ” father, i want to make an important request”

“go ahead son, you know i’ll do anything and everything for you” replied the king who was oblivious of his son’s request.

Hassan threw his father another quick glance; beyond the royal attaire, he saw a man who had a blazing passion for Islam and wishes all his family members to follow in is footprints.
For a moment, Hassan thought of aborting his plans, he thought against it when he remembered the promise he made to Madison.
No! He can’t afford to loss her…..

“father,,, i….i uhm…..i wish to convert to christianity” he found himself stammering.

At the drop of a hat, the tender smile Emir Abdul was wearing drifted to a heart crushing frown.
Hassan could swear he saw real fire replacing his father’s pupils.
“what did you just say?
The emir got up angrily.
Hassan’s heart skipped, he also got up. “calm down dad…..i…”

“shut up” the Emir shouted and got into a session of loud coughs.
His heart ached badly, Hassan wished he could swallow back his words, too late to cry when the trigger is pulled.
The Emir fell to the floor helplessly, he had been managing cardiovascular attacks for the past few month now.
Hassan grew red with regret.
he screamed a guard ran in almost immediately.

“la’ila” he wailed when he saw the Emir laying on the floor, he was dumbfounded.
“what are you waiting for? Won’t you help me?!” Hassan exclaimed angrily


The emir was rushed to a private hospital in the company of his wife and two children.
He was taking to a special award dedicated to him alone. The ward had his name inscribed on its doorpost. The reason isn’t a far cry from the fact that he built the hospital.

Hassan sat with his mom in the waiting room, they were not allowed into the ward.
Aminat the emir’s wife was visibly shaking, she kept muttering incoherent prayers, she wasn’t ready to be a widow…no not yet.
Hassan didn’t know what to do, he was caught between two stools, should he continue being a Muslim for his father’s sake or abide by his promise to Madison?
God! He was drop dead confused.

Chloe stared affectionately at her now miserable daughter.
Madison the last of her children had refused to eat or go out of the house ever since her parent’s told her about their plan to return to the United states for good.

Chloe knew why her daughter was adamant to their trip, she was in love with a Nigerian, not just a Nigerian, a muslim!
Geez she would never let that grow under her feet, yes she loved her daughter, she was doing everything for her best interest, if only Madison could understand!

Madison came down to Nigeria with her family when she was sixteen.
Her dad, Robertson was a contractor, he got a rossy fedral contract which paid off more than what he ever envisaged.
He decided to reside in Nigeria.

Madison attended a Nigerian university where she met a charming young man, who gained her love, the feeling was mutual.
They scaled through variant challenges, their religious differences was the stumbling block left. Madison’s dad was a clergy while hassan’s father was an emir. the two parents didn’t for one minute accept love was a powerful spirit capable of breaking strongholds and concrete beliefs.

They were all against this relationship, hassan however promised to talk to his dad about it, Madison was waiting and hoping for a positive outcome, albeit her hopes weren’t high, only sheer fluke can rescue the love birds.

Madison felt a soft tap on the shoulder.
She turned abruptly, her mum smiled and sat next to her, on the bed.
The room looked so very untidy, quite unusual of her.
“my child, i understand your predicament, believe me, i really do……”

“no mum. You don’t” Madison caught her mum short, she was tired of hearing soothing words acompanied with absolutely no action.
Chloe readjusted her seating position. “you see, sometimes we chase what is never meant to be ours, and we end up lossing hands down.

You and hassan are not meant to be, its best if you give each other a little space, i’m sure you would learn to love again, there are many unfished fishes in the water, Madison” chloe advised softly.

Madison shrugged, she wish stopping her heart from beating for Hassan was easy. “i understand mum” she replied, with her head tilted down.

“thats my girl….cheer up okay” her mom gave her a heartwarming smile before vacating the room.

Madison’s cell phone beeped almost immediately her mum dashed out.
“my heartbeat calling” smile greased her beautiful face again.

She had been waiting patiently for this moment; Hassan promised to talk to his dad about their relationship. Albeit her hopes weren’t raised, she knew it takes a stroke of fluke for the emir to accept her.

She picked the call with a heartful of euphoria. Hassan told her to meet him in their usual spot.
The duo stopped visiting each other after a their parents had a heated argument.
On a fateful day, Madison visited the palace, with the hope of seeing her heartbeat.

The emir had her seized and thrown in the palace cell. What a tragic day it was for her! Her parents had to swallow their ego and plead with the emir. He let go of Madison after bolts of arguments with her father.

Hassan learned about his father’s stupid act and drove down to the Robertson residence, where he got what he least anticipated.

Mr Robertson gave him a doze of his father’s medicine.
After that incident, the love birds resolved to see eye-to-eye in a restaurant situated two blocks from Madison’s residence.

Madison scampered her way out of the house unnoticed, she was now an expert a sneaking.
As she approached the restaurant, she could see Hassan from afar, he was leaning on his car with arms folded to his chest.
She held her chest tightly to prevent her heart from ripping out, her heartbeats increased tremendously.
Should she elope tonight with Hassan? Has his dad finally accepted their relationship? Should she break up with him now?
Many thoughts coursed her head.
Oh God! She was drop dead confused.
She felt stuck between two mighty mountains.

To Be Continued Tomorrow… Watch Out!

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